Field Workforce

Mobile Payment Sales App (Android)


This application is centred primarily on the instant creation of invoices for a client once a delivery has been made. The delivery person will use the application for a number of things, including checking which deliveries need to be made, taking payments and creation of invoices. The mobile application contains the following features;

Job Record

This section of the application contains the list of delivery jobs assigned to the delivery person by the back office. It tells them exactly what needs to be delivered and where, in addition to breaking deliveries down by categories such as area.


The application is capable of taking payments in a number of ways. Firstly the delivery person can receive payment in a traditional method, such as cash or cheque, and record it into the system. However the client is also offered to option of paying using a debit card or PayPal. In these cases, the application provides the means for the driver to process the payment online and instantly, without having to access an external system. This data is then recorded on the company records and used to generate the invoice.


Each smart phone that utilities this mobile application is connected, via Bluetooth, to a small printer. Once payment details have been logged and registered into the system, they are then used to generate an invoice which can be instantly printed off and handed to the client. In addition to this, once a receipt has been printed the system can then generate a new date for the delivery service, should it be a recurring service, and the back office system is automatically updated by the application. The mobile application is perfect for users who are looking to cut down on the admin work involved in recording sales manually and printing off invoices that then need to be sent out to clients. It allows for instantaneous data recording and invoice creation, which in turn allows for much smoother deliveries