Health Care


The use of mobile health technology is rapidly growing in the health care industry. iMobisoft has become a respected and valuable partner of the medical community over the past several years.

We are working closely with leading Paediatric Consultants from Birmingham Children’s Hospital to develop health care Apps which will form the future of healthcare industry.

We are among very few organisations who have developed an integrated virtual clinic app and back office. Our product allows patients with Chronic illness to manage , update, monitor and share live data with their consultants and GPs.

Our system allows Consultants and healthcare professionals to analyse patient’s live data but the historic data as well allowing them to provide a better treatment and diagnosis.

iMobisoft takes pride in developing a product which can define the future of the healthcare and improve the situation of people with chronic illness.

Our Virtual Clinic app is our flagship product and we are in process in bringing developing many more healthcare apps which will help to revolutionise this industry .

Should  you require any information or have any question on our medical health apps please feel free to get in touch with us.