Tips for Developing a Mobile App Content Strategy

Posted on : 31 . 05 . 2017By: imobisoft

When you hear the phrase “content strategy” it’s natural to start thinking more about websites than mobile apps. After all, content has been a key aspect of search engine optimization and general online marketing for so long now that it can be difficult to consider it in another light.

However, proper use of content is becoming increasingly important in mobile app development, especially as more users begin to rely on apps to gather information about companies. So what changes do you need to make to your current content strategy to make it workable in the mobile environment? Here are a few things to consider.

Less is More

The more content you present to the user on a mobile screen, the more likely it is that said user will jump away from the page to attempt to find the information in more bite-sized chunks. Your mobile content strategy should always revolve around delivering the maximum message in as few words as possible. Be concise and separate points into different pages if you want to retain the attention of your users.


The user experience is crucial in mobile app development and this extends to your content. Through proper use of colour schemes, you can differentiate your important content from everything else on the site, ensuring users know how they can access it while providing them with content that is easier on the eyes, which is crucial when taking smaller screen sizes into account.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter in a mobile app will always affect the user experience, as adverts and navigational options take up screen real estate that could be used for your content. Clutter distracts from the message you attempt to convey through your content, so examine your pages carefully and really think about what actually needs to be there before releasing them to the public.

Actually Have a Plan

The development phase of your mobile app is also when you should start thinking about the messages you actually want the app to convey. Build your content strategy around these messages and actually start developing your content so you have something that is ready to go upon the app’s launch. Your app provides you in the interesting position of being able to follow a set strategy while also reacting to industry news, so take full advantage of that fact to make your app a trusted resource for users.

Consider The Touch Screen

Links have always been an important part of the content experience but with social media, you also have to consider the placement of buttons on the screen. The key here is that anything you may want the user to click should be positioned in such a way as to make access via the thumbs easy.

Create Guidelines

You may work with an agency or team of freelance writers for your content, so it is important to have guidelines in place for content. Restrict word counts and make what you want clear to any independent content creators. If you provide CMS access for immediate content posting, consider limiting the amount of text that writers can place in various fields to keep content to the desired lengths.