Can digital adoption unlock the UK’s long-standing productivity puzzle and add billions in growth across the Midlands?

Digital Unlock

Understanding the state of digital adoption in the Midlands

After a decade of working across the Midlands at the forefront of technology implementation, we have seen many government-backed schemes, regional initiatives and enterprise-led innovations. Some have been failures and others have shined a beacon but none have led to the sustained technology-led growth that we need.

Unlocking the potential of the region will lead to a once-in-a-generation digital revolution

We are on the brink of a once-in-a-generation digital revolution – one that will power job creation and growth at a time when it’s most needed, as helping to finally crack the UK’s long-standing productivity puzzle. To quantify this, Capital Economics research has found that an additional £145 billion in economic output would be unlocked as a result of productivity increases if digital technology was adopted. 

With the upside so huge and the economic situation making this more important than ever, the blockers that exist need to be removed where possible. Our team strongly believe this is the foundation for the next ‘phase’ of the UK’s economic journey and growth.

However, for blockers to be removed, they first need to be understood. For this reason, Imobisoft has decided to assess the regions SME & MSB landscape to understand at a micro level the ‘state of digital adoption’ and the nuances around it. This will manifest itself as a series of interviews with business leaders from all sectors, internal positions and levels of adoption to gain a 360 viewpoint.

Understanding business needs, feeding insight back to policymakers & shining a light on the Midlands

Working alongside the WMCA, IAWA & TechUK we are leaning on their national exposure and understanding of digital adoption to structure short interviews to take to business leaders. 

Complementing national surveys we see this qualitative approach as an important extension to understanding the individual challenges and nuances that exist in the region, whilst gaining an overarching understanding of what our region needs are. As a result, we will have the opportunity to give feedback & insights to policymakers & regional leaders – whilst also shining a light on the success stories.

To look forward we need our region’s leaders to speak up 

Over the course of the coming weeks, we are looking to engage a range of our region’s leaders to discuss their insight and experience around the introduction of digital systems or products. 

If this is something you would like to participate in, please do get in touch for us with us on