Systems Integration

Our team of system integration specialists can guide your business in bringing together multiple software applications, ensuring you can continue to use existing solutions together, extending their lifetime value and helping you successfully bridge the gaps.

Systems Integration

Our Integration Service

Multiple Systems Integration

We specialise in integrating with bespoke business/operational software applications as well as off the shelf applications used widely within businesses.

Develop secure API endpoints

Our experts develop secure API endpoints/Integration layers for existing applications which can allow access to third party applications and provide them required data sets and information.

Integrated Dashboard Development

Custom dashboards for a business which can display information in graphical form as well as lists by integrating with multiple applications and developing necessary processes to access their data.

Our Integration Service Implementations

Our integrated solutions enable easier sharing and communication ensuring they can always keep in touch with other parts of the business and be confident that everyone is working off the same data.

Integrated Sales Solution

We developed a bespoke sales application (Web and Mobile) for E (Gas & Electric) to manage all their door to door leads and sales. Application is integrated with CRM, Billing and Tariff management systems. It reduced any data input duplication and provided real time performance data to the management without accessing multiple applications.

Middleware Integration Layer

Developed .Net Core web application for GSK which allows their pharmacy customers across the UK. Application integrates with GSK’s internal sales system which is within the restricted network boundary and cannot be accessed via the Internet, so we developed a middleware integration layer which manages the interaction between web application and internal sales system. Allowing for realtime seamless transfer of data between two systems.

Digital Health Interoperability

Developed a digital health application for Birmingham Children’s Hospital to manage a long term chronic condition remotely and the application interacted with the patient records system allowing clinicians to fetch the patient data from Hospital’s patient record system using NHS number or Hospital ID.

Our Process

Our intense and insightful integration processes results in the successful and seamless system integration.


Requirement Specification

Before initiating work on the actual system integration process we list all the requirements in detail which ensures high quality delivery within time and budget.


Feasibility Analysis

Once the requirements, definitions and specifications referencing the systems to be integrated are listed down, feasibility analysis takes place. The feasibility study includes complete analysis of the system integration project based on the intense research to support the decision making process.



Our system construction phase includes system architecture plan regarding how the system should be integrated to the other comprehensive systems. Blueprints of the integration plan including the proposed architecture plan and much more are also created.


System Integration Design

Includes logical and physical designs created for the system that are to be integrated. Preliminary designs, detailed designs and system tests are the processes included in this phase.



Once the system design is ready, it is verified and implemented thoroughly. Before deploying the integrated systems, it is tested by our QA team and we ensure it is bug free and without any issues.



This is the last phase where the functioning of the integrated system is checked thoroughly. The evaluation phase includes checking, maintaining, modifying and enhancing the components.

Case Studies


E (Gas & Electric)

Removing bottlenecks in the sales team: E-energy’s field sales team adhered to strict regulatory challenges due to operating in the utility sector, which made validating contracts with a new customer difficult. A manual phone
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GSK Pharmacy Portal

An elegant and prosperous digital solution for B2B relationships With ever increasing digital expectations of the general population, the GSK brand team and senior leadership saw an opportunity to create and scale a bespoke
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Don’t Waste Money

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