Case Study

Don’t Waste Money

A customer experience & back-end solution that enabled an aggregator to flourish


Don’t Waste Money


.NET CORE , SQL Server, Angular


2 Months (2021)


Finding an edge in a fast growing industry

Don’t Waste Money carved their way into the aggregator industry by helping their customers find the best deals possible across energy, security and a host of other categories. After a period of high growth the incumbent processes were unable to deal with the ever growing volume of customers.

Not only this, but with the energy cap coming into play, the Utility aggregator business was becoming more competitive, so they needed to make use of customer data to find the insights that would continue to separate them into the future.


Crafting a better experience that attracts and converts new customers

Investment in acquisition increasingly underpinned the evolution of the product and the objectives reflected the clear desire to deliver a powerful customer experience, but capitalise on data to become more efficient in personalisation and targeting to customers.

The result was a carefully crafted journey that blended functionality and experience, delivering elegant utility. Foundations of the system powered the aggregator tool, but allowed customer data to be used to deliver marketing campaigns, a smart addition that delivered further value to DWM.


A smart back-end that streamlined operations and enabled growth

DWM had a host of incumbent systems that were not integrated, a static website that was difficult to update and no back-end system that helped them interact with their customers. Beyond enhancing the experience, the functionality from a daily operations helped to create efficiences in the business and better optimise marketing investment. From a long term it ‘made sense’ to invest and was crucial for further scaling of the platform.

With the product launched in 2021 after an AGILE development process, we are measuring key KPI’s to understand the platform performance whilst continuing to deliver additional back-end components.

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