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GSK Pharmacy Portal

An intuitive UI, custom software with smart integrations that underpin functionality and automations that drove customer engagement.






2020 - (Ongoing)


An elegant and prosperous digital solution for B2B relationships

With ever increasing digital expectations of the general population, the GSK brand team and senior leadership saw an opportunity to create and scale a bespoke software system that would address bottlenecks in the process whilst enhancing their customer engagement.

The foundations were laid for a web based Pharmacy Portal that allowed all the GSK pharmacy customers to monitor their rebate payments, track monthly sales, view various trends, send timely alerts and access relevant documents – something that from the current back-end infrastructure, GSK’s account management team were not able to achieve.

Whilst functionality would underpin utility and engagement, it was important this was delivered with an intuitive & visually appealing UI that drove a healthy and prosperous B2B relationship with customers ranging from large pharmacy chains through to independent pharmacies.


Smart integrations underpinned by a intuitive UI

GSK recognised that creating a cloud-based platform with integrations that drove functionality was key to providing real-time and accurate sales, order and rebate information to both clients and management.

To expand, a lack of functionality meant that there was low engagement from buyers, with few logging in besides to submit orders. Needs needed to be mapped, behavioural assumptions challenged and stakeholders brought together to streamline services delivered whilst updating the front-end to reflect the growing expectations from digital products.

“The centralisation of data and enablement of automation via analytics was early on identified as a key business outcome”

As the project evolved, it became clear the internal benefits from the digital platform were to be derived from the implementation of simple but effect automations that supported internal reporting, reminders for unengaged customers or even notifications around late dispatches.

Through advanced Google Analytics and a dashboard that reported in real time, we provided SLT live information and insight into customer engagement.

Initially launched to key accounts, but scaling to all customers, it delivered information around key metrics such as most recent or number of logins, average order volumes and time spent on certain products.

Analysing Sales Performance With Advanced Analytics And Data-Derived Insight:

  • With the system being at the heart of GSK’s B2B operations meaning full integration into the supply chain, sales CRM and customer portals was required– this created a central point for data and a foundation for machine learning predict sales behaviours.
  • Automated buyer insights being delivered on recent portal logins, pages viewed or missed rebates quotas allowed the sales team to focus attention more effectively
  • SLT having oversight reduced admin time and translates into greater visibility of individual training needs, customer behaviours around key trading periods and greater business forecasting


Ongoing relationships underpinned by value

The project was underpinned by 3 key metrics – increased customer engagement, reduced internal administration and an increase in volume sales from key accounts.

As such, we continue to deliver iterations to the platform, as well as maintenance and support, and look forward to seeing our relationship flourish.

“Always responsive and willing to go the extra mile” – 9.5 / 10 client satisfaction score
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