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Sales Enablement portal

Hi Force Ltd


.NET CORE , SQL Server, Azure, Angular, Swift and Java


6 Months

A global sales team that needed customised technical documentation to meet customer expectations 

Hi-force are a specialist provider of hydraulic tools to the Oil & Gas & Construction sector with a global sales team dealing with complex products which needed to be customised to local requirements. This meant the sales collateral from pre-sales through to scope of work, was vast.

For a number of years they were using a fairly well known sales enablement tool to support their customer interactions and engagement. It was recognised that the software was firstly expensive and not adequate for their unique internal processes and ever growing complexities surrounding. As Imobisoft were engaged we calculated that the initial investment required for a bespoke solution to be built and deployed would be paid off within roughly 30 months, meaning beyond that point the investment would be realised.

This laid the foundations for custom functionality to be mapped to identify where processes optimised. Working closely with the Hi-force team we built an end-to-end system at the core of the business, which laid the foundations for future iterations that

Task mapping, user journeys & a robust deployment schedule

Mapping, designing and deploying a digital platform at the heart of the business delivered a solution that enabled Hi-force to perform multiple sales & marketing functions at ease.

This includes the ability to:

  • Publish all pricing data to global sales team at a push of a button
  • Access a WIKI for global sales content
  • Track buyer engagement via analytics
  • Customise sales material, making bespoke decks easy
  • Use a video conferencing tool with custom presenting format
  • Full CRM integrations mapped to existing workflows
  • Central point for project plans & technical maps with functionality for customer access
  • Track health & safety requirements
  • Track & store training modules & records



Creating cost saving vs previous enterprise software contract

We identified at the start of the project a cost saving against their incumbent supplier of £50k per annum, meaning after 30months the investment into the bespoke application had paid off.

Reduced costs, improved employee & customer experience 

The project reduced costs whilst improving internal & customer experience, impacting all productivity across the business by optimising internal processes with the custom application.

New platform for future digital transformation 

Laid the foundations for the future iterative development of the platform across other divisions and aspects of the business.

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