Case Study

The Water Retail Company

Delivering a digital measurement tool that transformed how utility usage data is collected


The Water Retail Company


Python, RESTful API, Swift, Java, MySQL


4 weeks

Turning a complex product around in 4 weeks

We were asked by The Water Retail Company (TWRC) to design, develop, and launch an iOS and Android Application featuring a web-based admin panel. This included confronting complex design issues while meeting an ambitious timescale that required delivery of the project by within 4 weeks.

This gave the Imobisoft team a single month to work out the intricacies of the project, complete development, and undertake the required testing to ensure it was fit for deployment.

We knew that, in order to deliver the best solution within the agreed timeline, we had to really refine the requirements, setting up clear deliverables and milestones, and ensuring full cooperation between our team and the client, underpinned by a certain degree of trust.

Driving value from simple innovation

Deploying native applications made sense due to high demands on data collection. The platform allowed customers to submit their own meter readings and both verify and update their readings using optical meter reading (OCR) technology.

Customers were often not digital nascent and as such it was imperative that the user journey was simple, with a friendly user interface.

On top of measuring meter data, in-app feedback functionality simplified the process around reporting issues like leakage, pollution, water quality, etc. improving customer satisfaction. In return, TWRC was able to better monitor client feedback, the types of issues reported, and the total number of users via a detailed reporting system.

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