Looking back at the challenges of 2020 and how we achieved 130% revenue growth


Coventry based Imobisoft sees senior leadership team bolstered by veteran agency executive, we take a look back at the changes and milestones reached in these past 12 months 

In 2019 Perninder Dhadwar, ex-COO of leading London digital agency Dare, joined the Imobisoft leadership team as Managing Partner to help underpin the next phase of businesses growth and development. Bringing with him over 25 years of experience, Dhadwar set the ambitious goal of becoming the Midlands leading SME & MSB Software Development provider and employer, with a focus on delivering impactful and exceptional work across the region to both the public & private sector. 

It is fair to say he was little aware of the challenges the UK would be facing in 2020. However, as we know the pandemic has accelerated services, retail and communications moving online – meaning new projects won ultimately lead to a year on year growth of circa 130%. 

The investment in 2019 paid off and our efforts to expand our partner base across the NHS – as well as new relationships with GSK, Don’t Waste Your Money & Hi-force – enabled us to persevere with further growth plans as the pandemic gripped the UK.

Leading Software & Automation consultancy since 2009

Since 2009 the Imobisoft team has been operating from their Birmingham and then Coventry base. Founded by University friends who met on their Computer Science course, Atif & Tez were early adopters of mobile apps and found their niche to launch Imobisoft as specialists delivering to Coventry web development and mobile application services. Ingrained into the region the team has delivered dozens of digital products and transformed service delivery across the region.

Over this period the team has built a substantial team of engineers & programme managers that has a great deal of experience of working with emerging technologies such as IoT & Connected Devices and Machine Learning. 

Recognised by the EIT for our work in healthcare, we have become the trusted digital innovation partner for a number of NHS trusts & charities across the West Midlands. Operating around the latest development standards and data security protocols, Imobisoft has proudly delivered products that helped the NHS realise the operational benefits of transformational technologies and at the same time improved patient care. 

What have we done?

The strong reputation of Imobisoft meant the foundation of the business was strong, with a proven track record of delivering complex software solutions. The business invested in it’s sales & marketing strategy to kickstart the ambitious plan to become the midlands leading SME Software Consultancy. This saw a new website, investment in an outbound sales function and company activity in local networking events. 

At the same time our sister company, Innovate Health, was born. Due to the complexity of the NHS network, particularly in delivering new tools or software, we decided that creating a brand platform to carry our work would be a worthy investment to our long term commitment to the space. We have also expanded our exposure to government digital frameworks via the crown commercial service, meaning we have widened our ability to forge relationships with procurement teams across the public sector network.

Working with emerging technology means the learning never stops, yet we have placed an emphasis on furthering our software engineering team specialisms in Machine Learning and AI. Our service delivery methodology means that all our of products are now wrapped around automation, as this gives us the ability to really help our customers realise efficiencies or improve service delivery.

Our promise to continue unlocking customer growth across the region 

We are on the brink of a once-in-a-generation digital revolution among SMEs – one that will power job creation and growth at a time when it’s most needed, as well as helping to finally crack the UK’s long-standing productivity puzzle.

Research carried out by Capital Economics found that if SMEs were able to widely adopt digital technologies, an additional £145 billion in economic output as a result of productivity increases. This would result in £325 billion of additional revenue, and support for 2.7 million jobs across the United Kingdom (UK).

For the past decade, our mission has been to help businesses realise their potential through software solutions and whilst these past 18 months have tested us more than ever – we are more passionate about delivering on this than ever before, particularly as we enter the recovery period.