our delivery processWhile all of our development work is adapted to suit the needs of our clients, as a general rule, Imobisoft follows a three-step process en route to delivery.

Planning And Strategy

Before a project can begin, a strategy must be put in place to ensure it has a framework to follow. By working together with you, we are able to help you refine your concepts and work them into a format that will be suitable for all who intend to use the end product.

Getting the requirements for the project right from the off is crucial, which is why we communicate regularly with our clients to ensure that the correct information is collected and we understand how it needs to be implemented later on.

Making use of a variety of techniques, we will help you brainstorm your project requirements, map them out using storyboarding and other tools and eventually build a simple prototype that gives you a strong idea of how the fully-developed product will work. Along the way, the project requirements can be adapted based on whatever our clients need.

Design And Programming

With a plan in place, our next step is to start working on the basic design of the software. This is crucial, as a poor user interface can ruin even the most simple of software packages. Building from the prototypes created during the planning stages, we start working on designs that focus on the user. A repeated design into feedback into design loop ensures we get everything right for you.

With that design in place, we start working on the coding that will bring everything to life. Applications and software are developed using a wide range of technologies and the Imobisoft team has broad expertise that allows us to implement flexible and innovative solutions to ensure your project works as intended.

All of this combines into an end product that satisfies all of your criteria. We will work with you every step of the way. However, having a product in your hands is only half the battle. It is the final step of our process that will help you get it out there.

Release And Promotion

Before a new software can be released to the public, or implemented within your business, it needs to be tested extensively so bugs can be caught and to ensure all the processes involved work as expected. We implement a thorough and rigorous quality assurance plan to ensure this is the case.

With the software ready to go, all that’s left is releasing and promoting it. For software that will be used within the business, we arrange for training sessions to be held that will help your employees understand the reasons why the software is being deployed and how it will help them in their work.

Promoting to the general public is a lot more fluid and often requires a combination of marketing strategies to create maximum awareness. We are able to work with you to create a digital marketing strategy that takes everything from your website and social media through to getting the app on relevant stores into account.