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We have experience in delivering bespoke mobile apps across, hybrid and native (IoS and Android) platforms; as stand alone or as part of a broader software solution; as internal business applications or consumer facing tools with e-commerce capabilities and a whole lot more.

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The Right Bespoke Mobile Development Company

Imobisoft came into being over 10 years ago as a specialist mobile app developer. 12 years on and our services may have increased in scope to include bespoke business applications, web development, machine learning and AI, Cloud computing, end to end enterprise solutions and a lot more, but our heritage is still in producing quality bespoke mobile applications.

As a bespoke mobile development company, we have experience in delivering bespoke mobile apps across, hybrid and native (IoS and Android) platforms; as stand-alone or as part of a broader software solution; as internal business applications or consumer-facing tools with e-commerce capabilities and a whole lot more.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the terminology, here at Imobisoft we like to simplify and help our customers understand. So read further to understand the key elements of app development and understand how Imobisoft can help you on your bespoke app development journey.

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Does My Business Need An App?

Across the Google play store and the Apple app store, there are over five million published apps. Here are some of the reasons why you might consider having a mobile app.

  • Why you need a bespoke development company like Imobisoft for mobile developmentCompetitive advantage – With over 5 million apps available, if you don’t have a bespoke mobile app, it’s highly likely that your competitors do and are using it as a competitive advantage. If however, your competitor doesn’t have their own mobile app you have the opportunity to gain first-mover advantage and use your app to increase customer loyalty or improve business processes E-commerce – Mobile apps allow for a much smoother e-commerce experience and allow you greater opportunities to tailor the customer journey than through a standard web solution.
  • Business needs – some people believe that if they do not have a consumer-facing business or are not part of the client interaction there is no need to consider bespoke mobile applications. However, some of the applications that deliver the best ROI for businesses are not consumer-facing but rather, they address internal business processes.
  • Data collection – Does your business currently collect data through meters, equipment or any type of measurement, wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically collect that data rather than manually transfer from point of collection to your software systems.
  • In field workforce – If you have staff who have to be out and about in “the field”, whether they are in logistics, appliance engineering, surveying or any other field roles, it is very likely that a bespoke mobile app will allow them to be more efficient. Imagine if your engineers could see the technical specifications for all the models in one simple app, if your surveyors could access all the relevant plans and blueprints in one digital solution when they are on site.
  • New technologies – The technological capabilities of the mobile phone continue to grow at an astounding rate and if you’ve always thought of implementing new technologies such as AR (Augmented Reality) or IoT connectivity, these can be brought to life in a good bespoke mobile app.
  • Business fit – There are many business process apps that are already available. However, businesses often find that these have been developed to work across multiple sectors and have a “one size fits all” approach. This often leads to either functionality that is desired by the business but not available in the app or an app that is overly complex as it tries to tick too many boxes. This is where the true benefit of a bespoke mobile application designed specifically for your business processes can be the best solution.

These are just some examples of why you might consider a mobile app for your business. If you think there are some processes that could be improved in your business through the introduction of a mobile app, either as a stand-alone solution or as part of a broader business application solution, speak to us at Imobisoft and our team can help you today.

Are all apps built the same

Imobisoft bespoke developers explaining the difference of hybrid and native mobile appsThere are two main approaches to mobile app development, these are Hybrid and Native development.

What do these mean?

Native app development refers to developing a separate IoS (the mobile operating system on Apple devices) and Android application, in their native coding languages (hence the name). This means using either Objective-C or Swift for I phones and on Android either Java or Kotlin. As Android and Apple phones have differing technical capabilities this approach allows you to tailor the software application better for each type of device.

Hybrid apps are developed cross platform, they are typically easier and faster to develop than native apps and also require less maintenance as they rely on a single common code base. Some of the most common Hybrid frameworks are Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin and Kendo UI (there are many more).

However, there are trade-offs in speed and functionality which need to be considered. The more phone-specific functionality that an app uses, such as image capture, geo-location, external APIs, etc, the more likely that a Native application build will be better suited for your software solution. Also where load speed is of importance a Native App is most likely to perform faster than an app built on a Hybrid framework.

We work with our clients to carefully define all their desired user functionalities at the start of the project so that we can recommend the best development framework.

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Our App methodology

At Imobisoft we know the strength of our robust app development process which has been tested and refined over a decade of successful delivery for clients. As always we believe that simplicity is key.
We break our delivery methodology into five key areas:



In this stage we start by identifying the business problem we are solving and documenting the functionality required. We then map core user journeys so that you can visualise the flow of the app.


Design & UI

We design the main screens and the look and feel of the User interfaces to ensure a smooth user experience.


Application development

Based on the work done in the planning stage we commence the application development either as Native apps or on a Hybrid framework.



If your bespoke mobile app only needs to work internally on specific devices, testing can be honed and specific. However, if your app is for general download and could be on any mobile device we recommend multiple device testing to ensure compatibility across a broad range of devices both Android and Apple.



Once your app is developed, tested and deployed we don’t just walk away. We are on hand to support and maintain your mobile app and ensure that your business gets the best return on its investment.

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