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One of the easiest ways to expand your reach with more customers or to improve your business processes is with mobile app development.

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Leaders in mobile app development in Birmingham, Imobisoft

Easiest ways to expand your reach with more customers

In 2022 Birmingham will be hosting the Commonwealth Games, bringing a significant influx of visitors, tourists, competitors and media. For all businesses across the Midlands and in Birmingham, it’s important to be geared up to make the most of the opportunities that the games will bring. One of the easiest ways to expand your reach with more customers or to improve your business processes is with mobile app development.

Imobisoft is one of the leading mobile app development companies in Birmingham. Whether you are located in Birmingham or not we can help you develop mobile apps that will make you stand out from your competitors.

As a bespoke software development company, we provide services in many areas of software development such as bespoke business applications, web development, machine learning and AI, cloud migration services, end to end enterprise solutions and a lot more, we are still one of the best in Birmingham at producing quality bespoke mobile applications.

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Do I need a mobile app development?

A mobile app company Birmingham, Imobisoft can help you develop and launch mobile and web appsFor most businesses the question is not, do I need a mobile app but it should be what type of mobile app do I need?

This will depend on the problem you are trying to solve, here are just one or two examples where mobile apps or bespoke software solutions can make a big difference to your business,

If you have a small retail business your growth can be restricted by the physical size of your premises and how many customers can be served at any one time. Developing a mobile app that allows click and collect will mean you can grow your business without the cost of more physical space.

A mobile app can be used to add digital customer loyalty schemes, rewarding loyal customers and providing a way to directly market your services when you have more capacity.

You can use a mobile app to build a social community for your customer base, helping you to engage with them in the environment that they prefer and using them to spread the word about your business.

Alternatively, we can create apps with embedded AI that help analyse multiple route options ensuring your delivery drivers or site engineers pick the quickest and most cost-effective routes to maximise capacity.

Maybe your business could use a mobile that makes data collection easier, this can bring efficiencies to your business and free up staff time to concentrate on more value add activities.

These are just a few ideas of how mobile apps can help but there are so many possibilities to explore. Mobile apps are not always a stand-alone solution and can be even more effective when part of a bespoke software solution built for your business.  In addition, they can be effectively integrated into your existing technology set-up as we believe in making you and your business work smarter not harder.

Mobile app development services in Birmingham by Imobisoft

Mobile App, Web App, Native App, Android App, IoS App, Hybrid App – What’s the difference?

As we are the best mobile app development agency in Birmingham and across the Midlands, we help navigate our clients through the technical jargon.

We will walk you through the differences between Mobile apps and Web apps and we will explain to you the technical pros and cons of building Native or Hybrid apps. We don’t enforce technical decisions, we ensure we provide you with the right knowledge to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Why choose Imobisoft for mobile app development services in Birmingham?

Imobisft have worked with many different types of businesses in Birmingham and across the Midlands delivering diverse technology solutions including bespoke mobile app development. We work with small businesses and new entrepreneurs as well as large enterprises and organisations such as Birmingham Children’s Hospital and E Energy.

At Imobisoft we spend time to really get to understand your business and your customers, it’s what enables us to build meaningful technology solutions that deliver great digital outcomes for our clients.

Don’t take our word for it, the fact that our clients continue to return to us is a testament to the value we deliver by building great bespoke software solutions and mobile applications.

We have experience in delivering bespoke mobile apps across, hybrid and native (IoS and Android) platforms; as stand-alone or as part of a broader software solution; as internal business applications or consumer-facing tools with e-commerce capabilities and a whole lot more.

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It doesn’t end with mobile apps

Mobile app development is just one of the services we offer, we are a complete technology solution provider, some of the other areas we work in are;

Systems Integration – Helping you gain efficiencies by linking your systems together or building API’s with external systems.

Cloud migration services – We provide cloud hosting expertise and help your business transition to the cloud.

Bespoke business applications – Building the right software for your business can help you leapfrog your competition

AI Software Development Company – AI is not just for large scale businesses, we can show you how AI and Machine learning models can transform your business inside and out.

IoT Development – The Internet of Things is not just about connected devices, it’s about building the right ecosystem that allows seamless user experiences with the right device at the right time.

Quality of service Quality of service

Whether it is app solutions, IoT, AI, Cloud migration or bespoke software you can be assured of quality service and delivery, we have over 10 years of experience but don’t take our word for it, click here to see a selection of our case studies.

We have had the privilege of working with some great clients such as the NHS, Sky, GSK and the BBC just to name a few.

Our focus on quality delivery and making technology accessible to our clients is the driving force behind our success.

Working on cutting edge technology excites us but bringing our clients’ vision to life and improving their businesses through smart software solutions is what makes us tick.

Communication is Key

communiction We make use of standard communication and project management tools such as e-mail, Jira, Slack, Confluence and Trello.

However, we often prefer just picking up the phone, jumping on zoom or popping over for a quick coffee (don’t worry we always bring the biscuits). We believe that being accessible to our clients is as equally important as using the right tools.

We also ensure that our communications are clear, concise and not full of technical jargon. You won’t hear us tell you that due to a conflict between the optimal image resolution requirements of the different systems the rendering has caused an error in the display module, instead, we might say the image size you have used is too big. Clarity is important!

Mobile app development Birmingham in Summary

A mobile app can be used for multiple business functions such as e-commerce, customer loyalty, logistics, communications, data collection and marketing.

Talk to us about your mobile app development in Birmingham or anywhere else and we can help you decide how a mobile app could enhance your business.

However, it’s not just about the app, by integrating the app into your existing software solutions or with a well designed new website or by having an app as part of a bespoke enterprise system, you can significantly enhance the value that a mobile app can bring to your business.

Once we have helped you design the best solution we can advise on the right framework for your mobile app, be that angular, hybrid, native, IoS or Android.

But our involvement doesn’t stop there once we have delivered your mobile app we will provide ongoing support to maintain and optimise so that your business sees the best return on your investment.

Our App methodology

At Imobisoft we know the strength of our robust app development process which has been tested and refined over a decade of successful delivery for clients. As always we believe that simplicity is key. We break our delivery methodology into five key areas:



In this stage we start by identifying the business problem we are solving and documenting the functionality required. We then map core user journeys so that you can visualise the flow of the app.


Design & UI

We design the main screens and the look and feel of the User interfaces to ensure a smooth user experience.


Application development

Based on the work done in the planning stage we commence the application development either as Native apps or on a Hybrid framework.



If your bespoke mobile app only needs to work internally on specific devices, testing can be honed and specific. However, if your app is for general download and could be on any mobile device we recommend multiple device testing to ensure compatibility across a broad range of devices both Android and Apple.



Once your app is developed, tested and deployed we don’t just walk away. We are on hand to support and maintain your mobile app and ensure that your business gets the best return on its investment.

Need mobile app development in Birmingham?

Our years of experience as a software development company and mobile app specialist could be the key to your successful development and deployment. Speak to us and we can start on the journey to increase customer loyalty, grow sales and increase business efficiencies.


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